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Dancing to ‘never be something I’m not’

Ashley Beagley | PNN contributor He remembers the first time he danced. It was outdoors on a beautiful, cloudless day. He put his earbuds in and he danced for seven hours. Before long, it became his routine, a way to

Doughnut detour didn’t keep him from his true self

Kaitlyn Carr | PNN Contributor In 2015, Garrett Freeman was just another name on an employee tag at Krispy Kreme. But that wasn’t who he wanted to be. Garret was 21 years old and living a comfortable lifestyle. A job

Swipe left on dating: technology changes relationship culture

By Lianna Lieberman For many, the days of meeting someone in person are long gone as people are relying on technology more and more to meet their significant other. The rising use of technology has changed the way people interact

ECU Tailgating: Part of a 100-year national tradition – and many wouldn’t miss it

By Meredith Field It’s a beautiful sunny September day in Greenville. The streets are flooded with cars, and college students wearing purple and gold are seen tailgating in the lots by Dowdy-Ficklen stadium. It’s football season at East Carolina University.

Exercise: Essential for college students, yet only half meet recommended levels

By John Nelson As college students make their way through the school year and work to improve their grades, many forget an important aspect of maintaining, improving and working toward a healthier lifestyle. That aspect is exercise. The American Heart

Experts, ECU students, say pet ownership decreases stress

By Jenna Schindo College students may cope with stressful situations better if they have a pet, according to a 2008 study by researchers at Ohio State University. The results of the study found that pet-owning college students reported higher levels

Craft beer business triples in North Carolina since 2010

By Chandler Harrell | PNN Contributor Behind the juggernaut beer companies like SABMiller and Anheuser Busch is another branch of the beer brewing business that is catching on faster than some may think, especially in North Carolina. Craft beer is

Social Media: Distraction or Tool?

By Kaitlyn Gates | PNN Contributor East Carolina University senior John Winstead sits at a desk in his bedroom the night before his accounting test. Deciding that he deserves a break, he takes out his phone and scrolls through all

ECU students politically divided

By Catherine Mitchell | PNN Contributor “You idiot!” Those are the only words discernible in a now-viral video before an Ohio State anti-Trump protester is tackled to the ground in the university’s student union. The altercation was the result of

Sports Radio Director “Stumbled Upon” Beloved Career

By Kyle Gaskins | PNN contributor It’s 9 in the morning as Mark Panichelli pulls his van, covered in ESPN stickers, into the 252 Radio headquarters in New Bern. The 42-year-old Panichelli has been making this drive consistently since December