That’s not a USB they’re smoking. It’s a JUUL

Bryson Hall | PNN contributor If you’ve seen someone on campus smoking what looks like a USB drive, it isn’t what it looks like. They’re probably smoking the JUUL, a smaller more More »

If it’s not your holiday, Christmas can fun — or odd

Pooja Patel | PNN Contributor When Christmas comes, Ankita Misra feels awkward. “I don’t know what to celebrate or if it’s even OK for me to celebrate,” she said. For her, Christmas More »

Student: Phones are OK in class. Teacher: no way

Morgan Magnarella | PNN Contributor Savannah Mangum and Zachary Perkinson are on opposite sides of cell phone use in class. Mangum, a junior at ECU, always uses her phone while in class. More »

Trustees won’t let ECU plant $5 ‘go green’ fee

Amanda Curran | PNN Contributor It looks like East Carolina University isn’t getting greener anytime soon. That’s because the ECU Board of Trustees rejected the university’s request for a $5 sustainability fee More »

Latino? Local media may not see you, official says

Kaitlyn Carr | PNN contributor For Juvencio Rocha-Peralta, it seems like in Greenville, Latinos are invisible. The executive director of AMEXCAN said that compared to the rest of the city’s population, Latinos More »


Exercise: Essential for college students, yet only half meet recommended levels

By John Nelson As college students make their way through the school year and work to improve their grades, many forget an important aspect of maintaining, improving and working toward a healthier lifestyle. That aspect is exercise. The American Heart

Experts, ECU students, say pet ownership decreases stress

By Jenna Schindo College students may cope with stressful situations better if they have a pet, according to a 2008 study by researchers at Ohio State University. The results of the study found that pet-owning college students reported higher levels

Day ‘the 19’ knelt: Special report on ECU band protest

The Oct. 1, 2016, protest by 19 Marching Pirates was a profound moment for ECU and the community it calls home. It sparked outrage from most quarters. It sent university administrators scrambling to find their footing after their initial statement

Emails show ECU calm, ready for possible band protest

First in a timeline series By Emily Schultz & Jaclyn Hammond, with PNN staff It was the last day of September 2016, and the ECU Marching Pirates were practicing on the field at the bottom of College Hill before the

Outrage at protest swept Pirate Nation with hurricane force

Second in a timeline series By Javeria Salman & Jennifer Hines, with PNN staff As the ECU Marching Pirates donned their purple-and-gold uniforms and strapped on their instruments on that fateful October morning, there was a sense of uncertainty about

ECU struggled to find right message about protest, band

Third in a timeline series By Sunshine Yang, with PNN staff The “band protest.” That is how most people remember the on-field happenings of Oct. 1, 2016. But there actually were three band protests. Nineteen Marching Pirates took a knee

ECU athletics caught in protest; tells fans, ‘band isn’t us’

By Brian Wudkwych & Corey Keenan For East Carolina University Athletic Director Jeff Compher, it was a Catch 22 situation — a patriotic eastern North Carolina town caught in the vortex of a silent protest during the National Anthem. Lines were

Student-athletes reaffirm diversity after band protest

By Jake Keator In crisis there is opportunity, and that’s how the ECU Athletics Department saw the protest by 19 Marching Pirates during the National Anthem last Oct 1. It was a teachable moment, as Athletic Director Jeff Compher saw

Protesters’ message got lost in outrage at its delivery

By Arvanna Smart & Savannah Carter When they took a knee on that October morning last year, the 19 Marching Pirates had a message they wanted to send. But it didn’t get through. News coverage and angry emails to ECU

Football as religion drove outrage at protest: professor

By Peyton Land If you attended the ECU-UCF football game last Oct. 1 when 19 Marching Pirates knelt, it’s likely that you “just knew” they insulted the entire notion of America. You probably got angry that the 19 took a